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by: girl

are any sororities doing COB/spring rush/offering snap bids? i dropped after not getting PKT and i really regret it

Posted By: girl
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#1  by: gl   

big 6 is almost certainly not handing out cobs in spring, if they wanted you you’d probably already know and they tend to keep their COBs hush hush. aphi probably, axo might, axid probably... besides that it’s a toss up, and if u don’t know someone in any of the other houses well enough to ask if they are, you’re probably not getting a bid. the three that i listed tend to be less connections-based for COBs

By: gl
by: sororityOct 26, 2019 5:10:29 PM

actually theta is doing COB... ask one of them

By: sorority
by: Very sadOct 26, 2019 10:56:10 PM

I asked. They’re not. Darn. Now I’m embarrassed. Curse you, GR!

By: Very sad
by: pkt Oct 31, 2019 7:18:40 AM

you can’t ask for a COB. People have to recommend you for it. Still about knowing people

By: pkt
by: WellNov 3, 2019 3:30:55 PM

Theta is 100% giving out cobs

By: Well
by: HardinNov 23, 2019 8:56:31 PM

Pi Phi has given out a few already. They might have more spots.

By: Hardin
#2  by: Cut by everyone   

YES!! You should. Greekrank is completely accurate. Spot on!

By: Cut by everyone
#3  by:    

APhi typically does in the spring.

#4  by: Uhh   

Maybe: Tri Delt
Selectively: AXO, APhi and DG
Probably: ADPi, KD and AXiD
Easily: SDT
Or wait until next fall !!

By: Uhh
by: YeeOct 31, 2019 1:01:52 AM

Go for dg, they will take anyone

By: Yee
by: heyyyNov 14, 2019 10:09:40 PM

adpi will NOT be giving out spring bids

By: heyyy
#5  by: look   

The UT report shows who takes girls in the spring. It's on their website. AXO takes a lot for a mid tier. Then ADPi, AXD and SDT.

By: look
by: anonOct 31, 2019 8:59:16 AM

axo is slipping

By: anon
#6  by: Ummm   

Wait and rush in the fall. So much easier as a sophomore. If you live in Hardin and/or are running with PKT girls, you will probably get one of those. You will know. Kappa and Theta take pretty much exclusively from that pool of girls that hang out with them freshman year. QPi Phi has had to branch out a bit more in recent years because kappa and Theta get their top picks there.

If you live in SRD you will be able to get anything except probably Kappa or maybe Theta (unless you are running with them all year). You will have a much better rush sophomore year since chapters have to take a lot of sophomores and generally don’t cut them until very end. That lets you actually get to meet girls.

By: Ummm
by: lolNov 2, 2019 8:39:04 PM

if 13 is a lot, then sure. but this past year 13 was sophomore quota

By: lol
by: YesNov 3, 2019 1:17:33 PM

13 is a lot. Compared to freshman rush that is way easier. We actually knew about 20-30 girls rushing well and we took all the ones we wanted plus a couple that were ok. Freshmen were totally different....we cut lots of freshmen we would have loved to take.

By: Yes
#7  by: Yes   

And rushing as a sophomore is just easier because you will have friends in most chapters and small talk with friends is much easier for most girls than talking to girls you do not know.

Agree with above. 13 is a lot. If girls like you from your dorm, you will do great as a sophomore.

By: Yes
by: SophNov 23, 2019 8:18:26 PM

Some sororities don’t take there sophomore quota because they don’t have to and they only want the ones they are really close with though.

By: Soph
#8  by:    

So 1000 girls go through rush. Only 75ish go to each sorority. So PKT can only take 225 of the 1000. Sorry you dropped because you didn’t still have them.

by: TruthNov 16, 2019 8:32:25 PM

also, freshman quota was only 55

By: Truth
#9  by: Girl   

I’m so sorry you didn’t give the others a chance. Which ones are you interested in? I would talk specifically to girls in those houses. I wish UT would get another good chapter that girls would be excited about. It’s hard with as the bs that floats around for freshman girls to know what to do. My heart is sad for you. I hope you are making plenty of new friends. Really after fall freshman year, all the sorority stuff calms down quite a bit. Just go to any thing you hear about. Girls can go to any bar tab they want to. Really you could have gone to any mixers too, but I know girls were worried it would cause drama. Hang in there! You’re the only one holding yourself back. Just don’t worry so much about whether you’re “allowed”. The frats pay for it all and they just want girls to come:)

By: Girl
by: GirlNov 23, 2019 7:31:09 PM

Also, people on here bash a lot. But remember, they would even give the sorority the time of day if they didn’t feel threatened by them... If they are talked about, they’re definitely relevant.

By: Girl

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