who the sororities actually hang out with

by: Big 6

Sure, there are exceptions in every sorority, but a majority of the girls in these sororities do hang with “similar tiered” frat.

PKT- Fiji, Rho, SigEp some ZBT, KA, KSig, Delt
XO/ZTA/DDD- SigEp, KA, KSig, Machi, Delt some ZBT
APhi/AXO- KSig, Delt, Machi, Sammy some KA and Phi Psi
DG/KD- Machi, Phi Psi, Pike, Lambda Chi some Sammy, Pi Kapp, DU, AEPi
ADPi/AXiD- Phi Psi, Pike, Pi Kapp, Lambda Chi, DU, AEPi

Posted By: Big 6
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#1  by: This   

Honestly fair tbh

By: This
#2  by: Well   

PKT mixes with Fiji and Fiji .....and Rho, some ZBT and some Sig Eps. Date events for all five are almost exclusively PKT and Fiji/ Rho....a few ZBT and a few Sig Eps for PKT ones and a very few Chi O or Zeta for Fiji ones. Rho is all PKT.

Really that is it.

By: Well
by: Pkt Oct 20, 2019 1:51:09 PM

I’m in pkt and our girls hang out with a variety of chapters. Yeah a majority hang out with Fiji and Rho, but seeing guysat our date events from SigEp, ZBT, KA, KSig and occasionally Delt isn’t too uncommon

By: Pkt
by: WellOct 22, 2019 7:04:26 PM

I can agree with seeing a Sig Ep, ZBT, KA, KSig and occasionally a Delt isn’t too uncommon

Still say mainly Fiji and Rhothough. Like 80%

Fiji and a Rho are even less diverse. Rho is PT and a some K

Fiji is PKT and a handful of Zeta or Chi O.

By: Well
#3  by: Wtf   

Since when does sigma chi match with KD/DG? Lmao

By: Wtf
by: MachiOct 23, 2019 10:22:49 AM

Machi and Sammy both hang out with with Dg and KD

By: Machi

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