run down of the top 3 frats/sorority

by: current junior

this is how it is and how it has always been at Monmouth and everyone agrees, anything else is a straight up lie and written by that organization lmfao
these are in the most agreed to order but it varies on people's opinion and personal preference (regardless these are the top three in genera)
top three SORORITIES: zta, dphie, phisig
top three FRATERNITIES: tke, sigma pi, theta xi

after that, sororities is by AOPI, AZD, AST
for frats the ones right after are, TDP, PHI SI, STG

thats it folks, thats all you need to know. as long as you're in one of the tops three you should be set with a good social standing for the rest of your college career here and have the best time.

Posted By: current junior
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#1  by: MrJeriko   

Sig pi is honestly by itself on top now, tke is seen around campus as the pansies, while theta is seen as the degenerates that party hard. The other frats are so irrelevant it's not worth talking about.

By: MrJeriko

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