which frat is best?

by: Zalry

Which Fraternity on Campus is the best? share your thoughts!

Kappa Sigma or Kappa Gamma or Alpha Sigma Pi, or Delta Sigma Phi?

Posted By: Zalry
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#1  by: Beta Alpha   

I think all is great fraternity.

Each has their own mission statement, their own history and their own way in developing each interest men to become a better man.

The purpose of brotherhood is improve our ways of life and grow. Not only learning to become a better man, we will always meeting different people.

Now it all depends on what you want....you have Kappa Gamma and Alpha Sigma Pi which are local fraternities while Delta Sigma are national fraternity while Kappa Sigma is International Fraternity.

All have there own good resources of network to use.

The questions are you willing to earn you spot into a fraternity which has a lot tools to use?

Good Luck figuring out which fraternity you want to join
-Kappa Sigma Fraternity

By: Beta Alpha
by: ^Jun 13, 2014 12:15:31 AM

you are absolutely right!!!

By: ^
#2  by: turtle   

I think they are all really foot too. It just depends what you want.

By: turtle
#3  by: so true   

They are all really good and have great guys in all of the fraternities. Just depends where you fit in and feel comfortable.

By: so true
#4  by: honest    

All the fraternities are great. It really depends where you are comfortable.

By: honest

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