joke of a university

by: Tiger

A campus full of dumb rich kids/slightly more intelligent middle class kids on scholarship who rant and rave about their "prestigious" institution, date dumb and chubby girls from "The Woods" and try to pretend they are part of a Country Club set they will never belong to. Apparently the school once had a good academic reputation. Based on the dumb-asses from my high school who are there, that is a long gone memory.

Posted By: Tiger
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#1  by: ^   

Yeah, why are most of the girls from "The Woods" so chubby? Are they spoiled or something?

By: ^
#2  by: What?!   

You obviously don't know anything about Westminster or William Woods

By: What?!
by: Just saw thisSep 25, 2018 2:26:02 PM

No, he (or she) is right on point.

By: Just saw this

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