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positives - best looking sorority, most members, very social, often mix with other frats, good reputation amongst frats and on campus, active on campus, good sisterhood (have dinner together weekly)
negatives - most popular so there is limited spots for rush, can seem stuck up at times, "typical sorority girls" (ie: lilly pulitzer, all kind of look the same, tsm, partying, crafting)
you should rush AST if... you have the AST "look" (pretty, well groomed and fashionable), you want to be in a sorority with lots of sisters, you want to attend lots of mixers and spend time with your sisters (in non mixer events), you want to be in a sorority that is well liked by other fraternities

positives- lots of sisters, very diverse, lots of mixers and sisterhood related events, very active on campus, most outgoing and social sorority (easiest to talk to), best recruiters (they always seem organized and together during rush week and always have on point events with a great turn out)
negatives: with diverse sororities you often see certain groups that stick together and come off as clique-y, hazing allegations (proved false, but people might try and start rumors), have a reputation of partying a lot, not the strongest sisterhood
you should rush Tri Sigma if... you like being active on campus (they have lots of events they organize like Rock For Robbie, Date Auction, and Pancake Breakfast), you want to have a lot of sisters, you like partying/socializing

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positives- diverse, the sorority for girls who "never thought they'd join a sorority", very active on campus, good sisterhood (dinners together once a week), decent recruiters (often have ok events, the PR can be lacking)
negatives- a lot of frats don't like ZTA because some sisters start drama (they are very close with Alpha Sig), some sisters are nerdy and quiet while others are athletic/social so it's a very mixed bunch, not many mixers, they kind of do their own thing and aren't into the "typical sorority girl"
you should rush ZTA if... you like sports (they organize the Pink Out game and have sports themed recruitment events, philanthropy linked to NFL), you never thought you'd join a sorority/don't have the "typical" sorority girl appearance/attitude, you want to be in a sorority with less sisters

positives- diverse,most approachable sorority (I've never really heard anyone say anything mean about SigKap because they present themselves as ladies), quiet, good reputation/classiest, strong sisterhood
negatives- not very active on campus (I can't recall any major events they have organized), not very social (they have mixers, but it's not their priority), can come off as shy/quiet/stuck up, recruitment is ok/could be better
you should rush SK if... you want to be in a sorority with less sisters, you want to be in a sorority that is well liked and has a strong sisterhood, you are down to earth and sweet/not focused on drama/classy

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positives- great recruiters, very social and easy to talk to, big/nice house, best looking/dressed fraternity, lots of brothers, often mix with all the sororities, well liked, active on campus
negative- typical "frat guys" (partiers, loud, tfm, well dressed), parties that they have can be too crazy/reputation as heavy partiers/drinkers, some brothers are loud/aggressive
you should rush AXP if... you want the most fratty experience, you like to party/socialize/meet people, you want to have a lot of brothers

positive- lots of brothers, studious/smartest fraternity, most gentlemanly, active on campus, well liked by a lot of sororities (I think they have a sweetheart from 3/4 of the sororities), have good sense of leadership
negative- they can come off as anti social/don't mix often/never throw parties, nerdy/awkward, will accept almost anyone if they have the GPA (there is PMD "type": nerdy, a bit awkward, science/math/compsci major, very smart), not well liked by a lot of the frats because they are the least "fratty"
you should join PMD if... you have a high GPA and are studious/a bit nerdy, want to have a lot of brothers, want to be active on campus with community service

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Alpha Sig
positives- decently social, active on campus (Couch Sit/community service), down to earth/chill, mix often (mostly with AST and ZTA), liked by most of the sororities (AST and ZTA mostly, some SK)
negatives- parties/social events sometimes fall flat (often invite GDIs/freshmen), not well liked by other frats, not the best recruiters/can come off as cliquey, typical "fratty" guys
you should join Alpha Sig if... you like to be social and have mixers, you want a typical "fratty" experience, you want to be active and do community service/campus events

positives- oldest fraternity, currently the smallest fraternity (all brothers are very nice/personable, they just don't recruit, which is a shame. I'd like to see them get some more members so they can stay active!), nice house, good parties (whenever they do throw/threw in the past)
negatives- non existent on campus, not very close with the other greeks (seem isolated, may be shut down in the next few years if they don't get their numbers up
you should join KDR if... you want to be a member of a smaller fraternity, you want to help rebuild the oldest fraternity on campus
(there isn't much I can say about these guys, because they seem so isolated. I really want to see them increase their number so we can still have them on campus. So while they may not have a lot of numbers right now, you should still consider them)

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