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KDR/Pike- these two are the two fraternities to join. They compete for the best pledge class each fall and are an all around fun group of guys. Easily the two fraternities that are known on campus.

LXA- sent a pledge to hospital and started fighting with football team far behind top tier

Kappa sig- try hards is all I can put about them\n\n\n\n\nTke- needs to be removed off campus. This isn't a fraternity this is a world of Warcraft club

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#1  by: Sororityview   

KDR and Pike pretty much fight over the rejects of #1 Lambda Chi Alpha and it has been like this for decades.

By: Sororityview
by: ThatgirlFeb 12, 2019 4:01:27 AM

Lol shut up. You have no ide wtf you’re talking about.

By: Thatgirl
by: Ur momJul 10, 2019 7:14:03 PM

Lmao this is far beyond the truth

By: Ur mom
#2  by: H   

LXA is on a come back and is one you should consider rushing. LXA is a life time of true brotherhood.

By: H
#3  by: P   

LXA are back at the top and will keep growing

By: P

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