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by: Let's expand

Why not add more sororities. Delta Zeta is amazing, but would be even stronger with more Greeks. Let's get ZTA or Kappa Alpha Theta or Alpha Omicron Pi (AOPi). That would be great.

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#1  by: ^   

Would be nice

By: ^
#2  by: EeeK   

They also have Delta Delta Pi and Phi Omega on campus.

By: EeeK
by: yes butJun 10, 2015 9:32:54 PM

Those aren't Panhellenic sororities. They are great sororities though.

By: yes but
#3  by: Dude   

Get alpha XI delta. They're always the best.

By: Dude
by: No wayNov 25, 2017 6:58:14 PM

Alpha Xi Delta's association with Autism Speaks in unacceptable.

By: No way
#4  by: scary   

I don't think this campus would let a group that is Eugenic on to campus. Until Alpha Xi Delta disaffilates with Autism Speaks, they wouldn't get on here.

By: scary

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