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I’m a transfer student and am wondering if girls live in the chapter houses at unc? If so which is the nicest and how many do they fit?

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All of the sororities have houses. They're all nice, but keep in mind these are houses in Greeley, not down South. I'm pretty sure they each hold between 15-20 maybe more. For some sororities it is a requirement to live in one year and others it isn't. Hope this helps!

By: SratSister
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Hi! Girls do live in the chapter houses here they very with how many in each one! I think each house has its own special quality. Alpha Phi has a beautiful house and is probably the most professional looking. I am not sure about AOIIs house because they just moved, but I do know they are getting an entire house gutted and remodeled with all new things so I’m sure that will be great! ASA is also newly renovated so it is very nice as well very roomy. sigma Kappa is the most vintage and so so pretty with the brick. Delta Zeta I believe holds the most girls and is very big and has a very nice back yard. They are all great houses and include great things such as food and cleaning. I lived in my house and it was a great way to meet girls and I made my best friend living there. Hope this helps!

By: Hey

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