Freshmen AEPhis Blacklisted

by: tuto

Sarah Garman and Dani Strauss of Aephi have been blacklisted from every frat, expect Phi Kap as they cannot afford to blacklist the only girls that go to their parties, after posting a tiktok flexing their Phi Kap Sweetheart status and did not receive the attention they were hoping for. This tiktok has since been privated but the video and screenshots are floating around group chats and Fizz. Have fun at Phi Kap girls!

Posted By: tuto
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#1  by: lol   

lol classic

By: lol
#2  by: 72   

I’m not surprised.

By: 72
#3  by: Junior   

Funny, there’s 2 πŸ‘ŽπŸ‘Ž

By: Junior
#4  by: πŸ™   

I just graduated but this is the kind of content we were missing keep it up

By: πŸ™

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