2024 srats&frats

by: H

2024 sorority (no order across lines)

Big 4: piphi theta chio kappa

Upper: aephi

Mid: tridelt sdt

Low: phimu

Bottom: adpi


Top: Fiji sae sigchi

Upper: zeta zbt

Mid: ka ksig

Lower: delt phikap

Bottom: Phidelt, beta
Sammy does not exist

Posted By: H
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#1  by: Pll   

Zeta up into top

By: Pll
#2  by: Nah   

Get theta outta there

By: Nah
#3  by: Too late   

Sae hasn’t been good since right before class of ‘25 got here move them and ZBT down one

By: Too late
#4  by: Bo   

Theta is not on the level of good sororities everyone drops and they had to cob. No frats want to mix with them

By: Bo
#5  by: Big Three Only   

Take Theta down
Theta + ΑΕΦ Up Mid

By: Big Three Only
#6  by: FU   

I suspect AEPhi trolls at work again who cant get over that they are below XO, Theta, and Tri Delt. AEPhi pays for all events if frats mix with them which is the ONlY reason they ever mix.

By: FU

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