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I'm transferring in this fall and I am already a sorority member at my of school but am I able to re rush at PSU?

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#1  by: greek   

you're not allowed to rush anywhere else if you're already an initiated member of a chapter. you can transfer if PSU has the sorority you're currently initiated into but otherwise you can't.

By: greek
#2  by: ABsolutely not   

Do not do this.

By: ABsolutely not
#3  by: ...   

IF you were initiated you cannot rush, but if you were not you can, and don't try to hide it because they will know and you will be removed from the recruitment process.

By: ...
#4  by: No but    

No but you CAN join ESA or Trilogy which are basically underground sororitys at psu.

By: No but

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