needs an update

by: Onu rate

Well one can tell that this site has not been updated in a while 3 fraternities and 4 sororities( including Fiji)...

Posted By: Onu rate
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#1  by: yeah   

let's get this thing going

By: yeah
#2  by: Student at ONU   

There are more than 3 Fraternities at ONU.
1) Delta Sigma Phi
2) Sigma Phi Epsilon
3) Theta Chi
4) Phi Gamma Delta
5) Phi Mu Alpha

When you wrote your post, Phi Delta Chi was also a chapter at ONU.

Sigma Pi are coming back I believe in either 2015 or 2016.

By: Student at ONU
by: PittPolarBearJul 8, 2014 1:23:57 PM

Phi Mu Alpha is a fraternity on campus but not part of Greek Life. Phi Mu Delta is the fifth fraternity part of Greek Life

By: PittPolarBear
#3  by: Yuh   

1)Alpha Sigma Phi
2)Sigma Phi Epsilon
3)Sigma Pi
4)Phi Mu Delta
5)Theta Chi
6)Delta Sigma Phi

By: Yuh

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