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What does it cost (roughly) to join a sorority here?

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It varies from chapter to chapter from about 100-200 a month! DZ is cheapest, KD in the middle and AOII is the most expensive

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by: UAH StudentApr 23, 2019 10:26:21 AM

From personal experience and multiple accounts from other girls, some of the "hidden fees/dues" aren't disclosed until you join which makes it easier to say some dues are cheaper than another sorority during recruitment. Just make sure you get the correct info and ask for a breakdown to know what you'll be paying for.

By: UAH Student
by: #chargersMay 5, 2019 9:09:45 PM

@UAH Student makes a good point! Always ask about new member fees and events and such when you ask a sorority about their costs (all three chapters will be more expensive for your first semester or two). The order the OP gave is about right as far as I know, though!

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Each of the sororities are different, but what you get out of the dues varies also. Like I know some of their dues include everything (dinners, formals, events) and some are only dues and if you want to do extras like formals, you have to pay extra and buy a ticket for it. Also it's a much smaller university so dues are much cheaper than state schools. Most of girls have their own jobs and pay themselves, VERY do able

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by: #chargersMay 5, 2019 9:07:07 PM

I know formals are covered by dues for DZ and I think KD! I'm not sure about AOII, though.

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