i really wish we had greek life

by: Johnson

I honestly don't understand the point of barring all of greek life. We could have a classy system not some animal house deal..

Posted By: Johnson
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#1  by: Kru   

I know! Greek would be so great to have at BYU, it's like a family away from home and it doesn't have to be animalistic.

By: Kru
#2  by: Philly   

Hell, I wish we had coffee. I'd start with coffee and an element of intellectual life and then we can get to frats.

By: Philly
by: ^Jan 29, 2019 7:25:57 PM

This made me laugh!

By: ^
by: Captain MoroniOct 14, 2020 12:24:53 PM

Nobody is stopping you. Go, drink a coffee, and be happy. I assure you BYU has had no part in your lack of intellectual element.

By: Captain Moroni
#3  by: Rock Royalty   

There's an LDS collegiate fraternity (Sigma Gamma Chi) and sorority (Lambda Delta Sigma). Not sure if they're established at BYU.

By: Rock Royalty
#4  by: Stay Classy   

Going Greek doesn't mean you have to act and portray an animal house behavior. There are many fraternity and sorority chapters nationwide that have "clean and classy" reputations on campuses across the country.

By: Stay Classy
#5  by: Holly   

Get over the fact that going Greek means an "animal house" thing. A lot might have that, but many don't! That's what made me choose to rush at the college I'm at. The girls that I live with really are like my sisters and my family and the fact that it's like a "home away from home" situation makes me feel a lot more comfortable. I hope it happens sometime for you guys!

By: Holly
#6  by: really ?   

If you want greek life so bad then don't go here.

By: really ?
by: trueDec 30, 2017 5:35:12 PM

I agree.

By: true
#7  by: because   

You chose to go to an LDS school. There are hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of other colleges to choose from. If you want to be in a frat, then go to one of them. We aren't going to change for you, and we aren't going to apologize for who we are for you.

By: because
#8  by: lol   

Smelly Mormons lol

By: lol

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