sorority rush as a junior?

by: curious

Hi, I'm transferring to UCM as a junior (on track to graduate on time) and I'm thinking about signing up for sorority recruitment. I'd really love to join a sisterhood. I've heard that it can be really hard to get a bid as a junior going through rush, because I'll only have 2 years left on campus.

What is the sorority recruitment situation like at UCM? Do any juniors who go through rush and keep their options open get bids? If so, what are the odds like?


Posted By: curious
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#1  by: Sister   


You have as much of a chance at getting a bid as a freshman would going through recruitment! Sophomores often go through as well and they have no problems. Don't let that stop you from signing up. We care about who you are and helping you find where you belong. Sign up girlie!!!

By: Sister
#2  by: Momo    

As long as you dont join AGD there youll be fine. Recruitment is easy all the chapters are desperate to get new girls.

By: Momo
#3  by: ucm greek   

I did it and am now a gphi. rush girl, find your forever home!

By: ucm greek
#4  by: !   

U will get a bid

By: !

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