Aphi is not the top house please stop (deleted 3x)

by: Deleted Truth

Aphi has had so many scandals-lost their seniors and exec due to last years scandal plus the lingering racism probs from years of not dealing with the blackface event head on. They are no way representative of a top house here at UCLA. Other houses have steadily risen without all the controversy and deserve to be #1 or 2.

Posted By: Deleted Truth
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#1  by: Agree   

I think Theta is in the top spot now. They’ve rushed consistently for years, no drama.

By: Agree
by: SameAug 4, 2020 2:25:51 AM

This is true! Theta has earned the top spot. No drama or scandals

By: Same
#2  by: Bump   


By: Bump
#3  by: Curious    

What is the story about last years scandal? Can’t find it anywhere. Aphi must have deleted

By: Curious
by: HaAug 9, 2020 3:04:13 PM

Aphi runs this site so you’ll never see a post up for long that details last years scandal. It’ll be deleted

By: Ha

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