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We all know you’re posting about your own house By: Joe Friendly   Last Post:

Can we all just stop pretending like some random person...Read More

By: Joe Friendly   Last Post:

Started: Sep 30, 2019 12:12:41 AM
Ladies STOP the MEAN and BULLYING behavior By: Post   Last Post:

Copied from a previous post where y’all had to get...Read More

By: Post   Last Post:

Started: Oct 2, 2019 1:03:00 PM
PSA: Behind EVERY negative post is an unhappy person By: Duh   Last Post:

Just a reminder that behind EVERY SINGLE NEGATIVE POST is...Read More

By: Duh   Last Post:

Started: Oct 16, 2019 11:26:16 AM
snap bids By: kk   Last Post:

what houses gave bids after bid day? i know gphi...Read More

By: kk   Last Post:

Started: Oct 27, 2019 6:04:02 PM
Sorority stereotypes By: Bby   Last Post:

Describe the stereotypical girl in each sorority ...Read More

By: Bby   Last Post:

Started: Nov 6, 2019 7:59:48 PM
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halloween parties? By: curious   Last Post:

any frats throwing halloween parties on thursday? ...Read More

By: curious   Last Post:

Started: Oct 29, 2019 3:37:34 PM
LA elite parties with influencers/youtubers By: ????   Last Post:

Okay I’m coming to ucla in the fall and I’m...Read More

By: ????   Last Post:

Started: Oct 19, 2019 3:28:52 PM
Stop the GR toxicity By: bye   Last Post:

Recruitment is over, can we please be done with all...Read More

By: bye   Last Post:

Started: Sep 30, 2019 2:34:03 AM
Hey Bumper: By: Aye   Last Post:


By: Aye   Last Post:

Started: Oct 18, 2019 3:28:13 PM

Stop falling into this trap!! Nothing has changed. No one...Read More

By: STOP   Last Post:

Started: Oct 6, 2019 3:25:36 PM
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