2020 Frat Rankings + Explanation

by: RealTalk

Frat Rankings partway through spring quarter, plus my take on their spot in the ranking.

1. SAE- Nothing's changed. They rarely even do spring rush so it being canceled doesn't mean much for them. They still have some of the best parties and do events with all the top sororities

2. Sig Ep- TBH their winter class was kinda hit or miss, and their parties these last 2 quarters haven't quite been at the same level as previous years, but they're still solidly in 2nd, and they still have a ton of quality members.

3. Sig Chi- 2 straight quarters of probation has seen them fall off a bit. They were also counting on spring rush to help them get some of the numbers they didn't get in fall and winter, but they should be back strong next year.

4. Sig Nu- Not much has changed for them. They're still the lowest of the top frats, and they would need a pretty strong fall class to move above Sig Chi.

5. ZBT- Moving into the old house back on Landfair is gonna hurt them a bit in terms of location, but they should be fine until the new house is done.

6. Lambda- Can close the gap on ZBT in the next couple of years. Got a lot of guys during Winter Rush

7. Beta- Need a strong fall class to stay afloat in the upper-mid tier

8. Theta Xi- On a strong come up in recent quarters. They're gonna be looking to move into the upper-mid tier of frats in the next few quarters

9. Phi Psi- Rough few quarters for them, but with 2 big quarterlies this winter, plus their super nice house and good location, they should be moving up in the coming years

10. Sig Pi/AePi- Similar situations. Both usually do really well during spring rush, so losing that is rough for them, but having ZBT on Landfair should help them in terms of foot traffic for rush and parties.

11. Theta Chi- Solid winter rush but losing spring is still gonna hurt them.

12. Delta Sig- Was really counting on spring to help bring in some numbers

13. DTD- Losing their house, really needed a good spring rush to help boost their numbers

14. The rest- Spring rush is usually when a lot of the middle and lower tier houses got a chance to shine because most of the top houses don't do spring rush. Losing spring is gonna be tough on a lot of houses, and I think in the near future we might see more and more lower-tier frats losing their houses/charters.

Posted By: RealTalk
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#1  by: cool   

rankings are good but i cannot stress this enough. nobody cares

By: cool
by: Seriously thoApr 13, 2020 12:28:05 PM

This is that same psycho chick doing the srat ranks

By: Seriously tho
by: LololApr 15, 2020 6:23:08 PM

The frat and srat explanations may be long but they’re accurate! most people still think ZBT is equal if not a tad higher than SNU though.

By: Lolol
by: @LololApr 15, 2020 9:37:03 PM

I'm not the person you're replying to but I think he/she would say that really nobody cares.

By: @Lolol
#2  by: Wow   

You really got nothing else better to do during quarantine huh. Pretty accurate rankings though not gonna lie.

By: Wow
by: YesAug 6, 2020 10:09:26 AM

That’s about right.

By: Yes
#3  by: ZoHo   

SigEp's new substance-free policy helps ensure that our chapter house does not become haven for dangerous and illegal underage drinking. Starting August 1, our chapter home will be an environment in which it is easy to do right and hard to do wrong. The new policy makes our chapter facility safer for members, guests, parents, resident scholars and faculty allies. Our substance-free policy along with our Balanced Man Program will attract top recruits to SigEp.

By: ZoHo
by: BumpApr 30, 2020 9:58:18 AM


By: Bump
#4  by: yo   


By: yo
#5  by: Okay   

Just we have something current on top

By: Okay
#6  by: vibes   

big facts boys

By: vibes
#7  by: gal 2024   

I think Lambda has already past ZBT and SN

By: gal 2024
by: EasyMay 1, 2020 8:46:41 PM

Lambda Chi hands down!

By: Easy
by: maybeMay 2, 2020 5:39:21 PM

lambda definitely has more events but the guys are better in zbt and snu. also can't tell if this is a real opinion because of the "gal 2024" like are you making judgements before you have even come to ucla?

By: maybe
#8  by: Bumper   


By: Bumper
#9  by: BMP   

Why was SigEp's substance-free facilities policy necessary?

Because fraternities, including SigEp, have developed a reputation of being organizations that exist to promote alcohol consumption. Our money and time are spent on parties. We are known in the media and in our campus communities as havens for drinking. That must change for SigEp. Removing alcohol from our chapter facilities sends a clear message about what we value and what we do not value.

#10  by: VP   

Sigma Dry Epsilon

By: VP

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