la elite parties with influencers/youtubers

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Okay I’m coming to ucla in the fall and I’m curious how regular is it to be able to get into elite parties hosted of the likes by famous youtubers/ “influencers” I’m curious because I’ve heard from people that getting invited is super easy for frats/sororitys of usc and ucla, I’m just wanting to know how hard is it to get into those types of parties and if it’s pretty causal

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#1  by: frat boy   

It honestly depends on who you know. If you are lucky enough to have connections great. Also, if you are a hot girl you will be way more inclined

By: frat boy
by: ^^^^ yesOct 20, 2019 12:30:55 PM

what he saiid! but we the girls here can literally get into almost anywhere if you look good 💀

By: ^^^^ yes
#2  by: Chad   

This is not the school for you, my guy. Plus, isn’t it going to be tough with your schedule at usc?

By: Chad
by: YepOct 29, 2019 12:30:00 AM

Y'all can keep this troll. It's extra stupid.

By: Yep
#3  by: ..   

Go away

By: ..
#4  by: Sorry   

You're not coming to UCLA in the fall if this is what you're concerned with. Enjoy that rejection.

By: Sorry

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