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Over the years I've noticed that greek life at UNK is not as special as other universities where greek life is either a must or you're a nobody. Yet, Greek life is a benefit in getting involved around campus and meeting new people. If you are looking for a top fraternity to join, then I would recommend you get in contact with each of the seven fraternities on campus and just ask to hang out with them. Get a feel for the members, see if you fit in, and move on from there. From my experience I can enlighten you as to what I found.

SIG EP- this fraternity is all about class, good looks, and being the best overall. They have a great group of guys, but if your not too outgoing, you're really not going to fit in. They will get you very involved on campus and with sorority girls. Yet I found that most new members are just numbers to them until they prove otherwise. So all I recommend is that before you sign that bid card that you receive the first time you hang out with them, try to hang out with them a little more to see if you really fit in.

PIKE- this fraternity is known for partying. They are moderately classy, but more often then not they are just trying to have fun with life and not too focused on school. They are moderately involved and are overall just medium at everything. Also before you sign the bid card after theyou take you out to dinner, consider hanging out with more than just the recruitmental committee.

Posted By: Unk greek rater
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