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Okay so as a former member of a sorority here are some honest opinions on the 4 chapters. I'm not biased towards or against any of them, this is just what I've observed from my time in one:

AGD: Pretty diverse and genuinely nice girls. They have a distinctive personality which makes them feel like the girls next door. Overall soild chapter, could be more involved and hold/participate in more events.

DG: These are the "popular" girls but are actually pretty nice. Very involved and participate in alot of events. They have some internal drama but are good at resolving it without airing it. Diverse and inclusive as well.

KAO: Oh man. I have nothing against them but it's been mess up after mess up. I think they just had their 4th racism scandal in 2 years. Seems to be a recurring issue. Some of the girls are really smart and involved however. Theta used to be known for their reputation and class. Things have gone downhill but I'm rooting for them to improve. Also have a great house lol

PBP: The girls are very sweet and probably the most genuine chapter. They are the smallest one I believe and are a tight knit group. No major drama or anything. They could definitely have a stronger presence on campus though, I hardly see them anywhere.

I hear bid day is coming up so I hope you all have fun and choose wisely. Goodluck :)

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#1  by: Maam   

Thetas current racism scandal isn’t even real. It’s a bunch of nasty rumours started about one individual in a sick attempt to hurt her. What better way than an anon website. Which just happens to include her whole chapter for the added bonus of her potentially being punished along with the harassment and being told to end her life. Don’t perpetuate it.

By: Maam
by: LolSep 13, 2021 12:01:46 PM

It is real,don't gaslight. Theta even admitted to it and took action. She isn't even in it anymore which is proof. Your comment also ingores the other 3 racism scandals such as bullying and terrorizing a black member until she left and many more. Not to mention Theta has about 3 POC in the entire sorority out of like 45 girls. That's telling enough.

By: Lol
by: Idk Sep 13, 2021 12:10:09 PM

It's hard to tell whats real and what's fake when KAO won't tell us or release a statement. The girl could be innocent but everything is hush hush. OP is right when they talked about all the other stuff, its still valid. It's also a bad sign that people currently believe it based on Thetas past actions. Its almost like the boy who cried wolf you know. Like considering everything that has gone down it's not a stretch. Regardless, I just want Theta to improve. It hurts all the chapters when one has scandals like this. Gives Greek life a bad rep.

By: Idk
#2  by: Soror    

It’s gaslighting to believe the person it’s actually about?? You people actually believe this girl JUMPED people and made RAPS??? Literally ask her yourself. Or ask why she had to leave. She’s not in it anymore isn’t proof? If your whole chapter began to hate you for things you’ve never done you’d have to leave too. It’s not gaslighting to believe her. What IS gaslighting is people like you who perpetuate these lies about a woman who hasn’t done anything of the sort. Don’t you think if it was real people would have screenshots?

By: Soror

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