tier list summer 17

by: mst2020

This is my opinion and should not be used to avoid certain houses. All of them are full of great guys. None of them are bad at all. I would join any bottom tier over the dorms.

Sig Ep
Kappa Sig
Sig Nu
Phi Kap

Lambda Chi
Delta Sig
Beta Sig
Sig Tau
Sigma Chi

Sigma Pi
Theta Xi
Pi Kap

AEPi is now on the same level as the other obscure non-IFC fraternities

If you have a question about why a house is where it is, ask it. I have friends in every house, and have experience with each one.

Posted By: mst2020
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#1  by: PiKap   

Why do you put Pi Kappa Phi at the bottom? Is there a specific member that caused that issue?

By: PiKap
by: OPAug 18, 2017 10:22:35 PM

No issues with any members other than them being a little odd, which is fine because I would say there is a good brotherhood there. GPA is low, intramurals are lacking, physical house is not doing super great. I don't think there is a chef either, which is starting to become a standard thing at most houses. Nice guys though.

By: OP

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