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Which are the best houses to rush?

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#1  by: not you   

Sigma Chi (Sig) - Biggest house by far, not the best parties always run out of drinks very fast and can't get enough people to fill there house.

Sigma Alpha Epsilon (SAE) - Second biggest house, can hit max capacity for their bigger parties during the year.

Kappa Sigma (Ksig) - The forth biggest house on campus. Their bigger parties, bi-ads and formals are always fun and maxed out.

Sigma Nu (SNU) - Third Biggest house on campus, accosted as the creepy house with weird guys. Only serve drinks to girls and never guys (unlike all other houses). Hated by all other houses.

This is all that matters.....

By: not you
#2  by: Montucky boy   

The above is fairly spot on. I would look to Kappa Sigma if you want an up and coming house that you can have a major positive impact on. Sigma Chi and SAE are both good options if you want a traditional greek experience in an established house. I would avoid SNU at all costs because there is a good chance their actions will catch up to them and they will be kicked off campus within the next 4 years if they continue the trajectory of last year.

By: Montucky boy

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