What are the ranks here?

by: rtr

What are the sorority ranks here???? I am going through rush the upcoming school year and I was just wondering

Posted By: rtr
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#1  by: Reee   

The top two sororities are agd and phi mu. Zeta has problems with racism, and adpi is not fun. Adpi is definitely the worst. I would say to go where you feel the most comfortable regardless.

By: Reee
#2  by: lionz   

alpha gam is the earthy smart girls, zeta is the pretty girly girls, phi mu and adpi are more of a mixture of girls! all great sororities!

By: lionz
#3  by: AJ   

Alpha Gamma Delta is definitely top. Zeta and Phi Mu go back and forth for second..just depends on the year.

By: AJ

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