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What has anyone heard about the new fraternity Lambda Sigma Phi? I've heard they're a christian fraternity and have several guys in leadership positions on campus, but not much other than that.

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I know this is coming a year late, but found this site and thought I'd give an update. I am a brother of Lambda Sigma Phi Alpha Chapter at UNA and part of the fraternity's first pledge class. As of now we have grown to around 23 members and are represented on the UNA Interfraternity Council. We are a Christian fraternity offering students an opportunity to grow in their faith and to fellowship with other Christians with the shared goal of discipleship.

By: Nate17
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Their pretty much the best as far as academics/involvement now. They won homecoming, have a bunch of brothers in SGA, LaGrange, IFC exec., and they always have one of the top GPAs. No alcohol at parties though, so its a different scene than Fiji, Sigma Chi, etc. If you're wanting to get involved in leadership on campus and you're really passionate about Christianity, I'd say Lambda Sig is who you want to rush.

By: Roar Lions
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How much does it cost to be in a sorority at UNA?? I’m considering going to UNA in the Fall of 2020 and I really want to be in one and I want kinda wanna know how much they are compared to other schools and if anyone knew ??

by: una gorlOct 22, 2019 12:30:32 AM

it honestly depends on the sorority you rush, they're all different but they're not too outrageous since we're such a small school. I say, go for it!!

By: una gorl

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