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Kind of confused. How do they get new girls to join the sorority? Is it going to be made up of just freshmen next year?

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What typically happens is the sorority will be recognized as a colony of AGD. AGD recruiters will find women (current older students) interested in Greek life at Valpo but are not already in a sorority to help get the sorority recognized. Each year, during formal recruitment, they will be able to recruit women just like any other sorority. These women will not be initiated into AGD though until they officially get their charter. To obtain a charter, a minimum amount of membership must be maintained for a certain amount of time. Even though upperclassmen women will graduate, once AGD at Valpo obtains their charter - they will all be initiated together. Kappa Alpha Psi is currently going through this process where they are a colony at Valpo, but are not officially recognized as a chapter.

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by: AlsoApr 17, 2019 1:19:52 PM

Colonies also recruit freshmen, usually after formal recruitment is done. It’s a good opportunity for girls interested in leadership/a new chapter

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