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Come on chi o. Can you be honest and genuine for once??????

Chi O did not have their best recruitment this year, and everyone (including them) knows that. Several women that went to pref round for Chi O chose to join a different sorority, and Chi O is not used to that. They probably shouldn’t have cut so many girls the first night assuming they would be fine like usual. Be humble and realize that other chapters are just as amazing as you. Ya win some, ya lose some. When you have to give several snap bids to even get up to 26 new members, I wouldn’t call that your best.

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their nationals require them to cut half the girls after the first night. though I agree Chi O can be a bit shallow, get your facts straight before you bring them down

By: 99
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Who the hell cares?

By: Chicken Fries Are Back
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Actually, if anyone “knows the truth” Chi O is required to cut more girls first round than any other house because they have the highest return rate. They took a chance on a legacy from another house which was a mistake. That legacy and her two best friends went to her legacy house. This caused quota to not be hit. If you are going to tell a story, please tell it accurately.

By: Actually
by: lolOct 23, 2019 2:00:17 AM

this is not true, return rate does not affect the amount of girls cut. the cuts are decided by nationals and taking a “risk” on a legacy and two friends does make sense for the fact that you needed 8+ snap bids to meet quota.

By: lol

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