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Is rushing for a sorority here competive?

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#1  by: SororityGirl   

I would say there is definitely competition, but nothing too crazy. I would highly advise you to go through recruitment and keep an open mind. Don't pay attention to what someone told you about a certain organization because chances are they don't like one girl in a sorority so they bash the entire organization because of it. And you are going to get tired of hearing "find your home" and "keep and open mind" but people are saying it for a reason. Just make a decision based on your values and personality and you will be happy. Good luck!

By: SororityGirl
#2  by: (:   

Recruitment at APSU is much less competitive than the larger SEC schools. However, with increases in enrollment it is becoming difficult because sororities can only accept so many girls. Overall, it is a very fun experience and if you really want to be in a sorority, there's a good chance you will get a bid. Some sororities are harder to get into than others, but honestly all the sororities are diverse and active on campus so you can't go wrong!

By: (:

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