What are the 'real' rankings of the frats & srats?


What are the real rankings of the fraternities and sororities? In the rankings the sororities, all seem to be held in high regard. That's great news! Is it true for the fraternities?

Posted By: FMI
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I heard SAE drinks their own booty sweat

By: true
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Sororities: theta, a phi, a xi, pi phis
Fraternities: pike, delt, phi delt, SAE and rest dont matter

By: GoGreeeeeekkkkkkkk
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Phi Kaps walk you home at night, open doors, and pay for dinner.
Catholic boys with manners.

By: USDkitty
by: USD17Feb 1, 2015 1:13:49 PM

I doubt it, there's like no Catholics in that frat.

By: USD17
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Sororities- 1. Theta, 2. APhi, 3. AXi, 4. Pi Phi
Fraternities- 1. Pike, 2. Delt, 3. Phi Delt, 4. SAE, 5. TKE, 6. Lambda, 7. Phi Kapp, 8. Beta

By: USDkitty

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