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by: rolldipz

Thoughts on the new PCs?

Posted By: rolldipz
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#1  by: xxx   

just in my opinion:

chi o

aphi got a lot of surprisingly good girls. kd won over chi o, adpi's is pretty random (as usual) and axid actually got a few good girls but is still tiny without a solid identity. ranking is super difficult with only 5 sororities though.

By: xxx
by: yepJan 21, 2018 10:59:07 PM

adpi was random and took a ton of girls my sorority cut early as reputation risks, so i guess that's their thing now?

By: yep
by: YaJan 22, 2018 8:29:12 AM

Same ^ they also kept a good amount of grade risks. Interesting strategy so we’ll see how it works out for them. I also might adjust the ranking to:

Chi o

By: Ya
by: ehJan 22, 2018 3:15:48 PM

I actually think axid might have done better than adpi...

By: eh
#2  by: truth   

The heirarchy remains:

Alpha Phi
Chi O

- Aphi absolutely killed it. Already see their new pc hanging out all the time on campus, good change for aphi bc they can be cliquey
-Chi o got a good group too but chi o is constantly trying to compete with aphi...it’s getting old
- KD girls are just amazing!! Smart, sweet and kind
- Adpi got a phi and chi o sloppy seconds. Sorry, someone had to say it
- Axid honestly idek who’s in their pc and that says a lot

By: truth
#3  by: Lol   

^that was never the hierarchy hahahaha

A Phi finally avoided the crazy girls and pulled it together imo. Really nice girls, not too many crazies (for now/that we know of). KD killed it. Got a ton of hot girls that are really down to earth and interesting. They’ve been on the rise and came through.

Then I’d put ChiO. They got some nut cases here...and some boring girls. Not sure if this is a new direction for them or a slip up? Not bad group, just not as interesting as they usually are.

I honestly would put axid and adpi at the same level. Axid got some really standout girls and adpi just fell flat for their respective reputations.

By: Lol
by: ehJan 30, 2018 7:26:59 PM

I wouldn't say KD got a ton of hot girls... They all seem super nice and down to earth, but all of them are pretty average looking.

By: eh
#4  by: marshall   

Not sure I agree with all of the hype about axid on here...they're a good group of girls and definitely did better this year, but they got by far the smallest pc and still don't seem cohesive at all. They cut a bunch of girls who wanted them and would have been great in the chapter because they're trying to get girls who would usually go aphi and chi o. It just really doesn't seem like a good recruitment strategy and I don't think it will won't work for them in the long run. Just one person's opinion though.

By: marshall
by: agreedJan 30, 2018 11:34:46 PM

ADPi is already the place for random aphi/chi o leftovers, it doesn't make sense for axid to try to go for those girls too. don't cut women that would have given your chapter leadership/loyalty/etc just because you want the frats to think you're hotter.

By: agreed
#5  by: rdr   

Strangely enough adpi and axid both took girls who other chapters dropped because they were risks. I think axid did it because they thought it would improve their reputation for whatever reason and adpi did it for numbers. This definitely doesn't mean that their PCs are bad by any means, it's just a bit of a gamble on their part. I think that aphi and kd did really well and got a lot of strong girls, and chi o took the usual girls that tend to gravitate toward them. Honestly no huge surprises or changes in "rankings" (which I think are ridiculous), it will take another chapter or a huge scandal to do that, both of which are unlikely.

By: rdr
#6  by: truth   

stating the obvious


By: truth
#7  by: Sister   

Why? Why is this a place for gossip or childlike commentary?

By: Sister
#8  by: dfhs   

Chi O got the top PC by FAR
then i would put APHI

By: dfhs
by: HahahahahaJul 7, 2018 5:21:58 PM

Someone clearly is salty towards KD lmfao baby who hurt you. Adpi is even below axid now

By: Hahahahaha
by: LolllSep 26, 2019 12:17:28 AM

u must be a chi o

By: Lolll
#9  by: hold up   

seeing a lot of talk bout kd above chi o??? hmm that doesn't sound right...
1 + 2 chi o and aphi are pretty even
3 kd
4 axid, i put them here because adpi just honestly got so many crazies which is a shame
5 adpi

By: hold up

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