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by: warhawk_fan

I love being Greek, but the current Director of Greek Life at AUM is a complete disaster! For over five years, I have seen first hand how Lakecia Harris operates. Greek Life has seen a growth rate that seems to remain stagnant year after year. She puts almost ZERO effort into promoting Greek Life at AUM! Once every semester, she will "put together" a Greek Week, which consists of 2-3 random events that all the Greek organizations awkwardly take part in, mainly to please her. This is the only time you will see Lakecia involved with the Greek organizations, other than when the occasional legal issue arises.

Perhaps my biggest issue with her is the discriminatory behavior she has against the three different types of Greek organizations. I am referring specifically to the following:

(1) National Panhellenic Council Fraternities & Sororities
(2) National Panhellenic Conference Sororities
(3) Inter-Fraternity Council Members

She treats the National Panhellenic Council fraternities & sororities differently than the rest. She gets away with doing this through means of bureaucracy. To get anything done, no matter how insignificant it may be, there is a confusing process in place that requires Lakecia's approval for everything. National Panhellenic Council groups do not need her approval; just look around at all the flyers they have posted on campus (without stamp of approval). The list of things goes on, and I promise, THIS IS NO SECRET AMOUNG THE GREEK COMMUNITY

Posted By: warhawk_fan
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I'm glad someone has finally brought this up! SO TRUE!!!

By: butters
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Thank you for saying it.

By: Ceelo Green
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we will never be able to get her out of office. just have to work around her.

By: ^
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So I'm a local but I'm a member of a mid-sized chapter at a larger university out of state. I have Greek friends at AUM, and am considering transferring so I'd like to suggest a few things if I may. First, if your greek life coordinator is racist and difficult to work with, go around her. Idk if any of the chapters there have houses, but I'm sure if you don't that there are plenty of venues near campus that would allow you to hold rush, social, or philanthropic events for little to no charge since you would be bringing people in the door. Next I would recommend pounding the pavement. If you can't put up flyers or chalk sidewalks, talk to people, use social media, hand out free swag with your letters on it(shades, koozies, and gameday buttons are all cheap and you get them at any printing shop or online), WEAR YOUR LETTERS CONSTANTLY so that your name gets out. Be as active as you can in local philanthropies, intramural sports, and school sporting events. When Greek Week comes around don't be awkward. Fly your flag, be proud you're a sister (or brother), and compete your hardest and have fun. I just checked and your campus has an undergrad population of 4300, so a healthy Greek community for a school your size would be like 850 members. It's hard work when the people hired to help you only hinder you, but you can do it.


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