Tier System = Stupid and Embarrassing


Would be great if houses (frats and srats) would stop ranking and self ranking and make an effort this year to branch out with other houses for functions and parties. Part of the reason the Greek life at Purdue is “dying” is bc frats and sororities don’t try to socialize with different houses. Won’t stop without a conscious effort and Greek life will continue to decline

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Downvotes coming from SIG Chi (Sikkunt) and Phag Psi

By: Lol
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But without a tier system how will Aphi and Kappa feed their brittle egos?

By: Huh
by: K sigMay 21, 2019 1:25:26 PM

With our co canine lol

By: K sig
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Perhaps the house socials are LAZY and NOT CREATIVE. Why don’t we all try doing a Friday dinner swap? A fraternity can ask a sorority or Visa versa - at 6 pm the sorority goes to the fraternity for dinner- frat does the food and sorority brings dessert such as cookies and cupcakes. It can be a themed party- ie... South of the Border- tacos & Ma/&ar!7@$. Perhaps we all need to mix it up and do mixers with all house .

By: Future social
by: Willing to try Jun 14, 2019 2:31:23 PM

I DARE the socials of frats/srats to try this for this coming School year. You all may be pleasantly surprised. I CHALLENGE APhi , KKG, XO, DZ, Pi Phi etc.......to do a dinner swap with phi delts, AEPi, ATO, Acacia.

Or I challenge Sigma Chi, FIJI, Phi Psi to do a function with, Gamma Phi, AGD, SDT, etc....

Or do a 4 way dinner swap only with 2 fraternities and 2 sororities only.? Not 1 frat being selective and including only the what’s perceived the top 10 houses.


By: Willing to try
by: Formal SocialJun 14, 2019 10:01:09 PM

No one was lazy. The incoming PC's are just have less elitists in them.

By: Formal Social

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