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Pike Football Pair? By: pike   Last Post:

Who is pike pairing with for football? ive literally seen...Read More

By: pike   Last Post:

Started: Jul 10, 2024 5:52:41 PM
2K24 REAL Sorority Rankings By: ur mom   Last Post:

1. Aphi, Kappa 2. AXO, ZTA, DZ 3. XO, Pi Phi, DDD 4....Read More

By: ur mom   Last Post:

Started: May 12, 2024 3:28:11 AM
who r the football buddies this fall By: 🏈   Last Post:

who is every srat pairing with for football next sem...Read More

By: 🏈   Last Post:

Started: Jun 12, 2024 7:39:14 AM
sorority ranks after grand prix By: srats   Last Post:

1. aphi, kappa, axo 2. zta, ddd, dz 3. chio, dg, pi...Read More

By: srats   Last Post:

Started: Apr 23, 2024 2:56:49 PM
Which frat has the nicest house By: Freshman rushing   Last Post:

Which frats have nicer houses? I want to live in...Read More

By: Freshman rushing   Last Post:

Started: Jul 1, 2024 8:32:52 AM
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where should I rush? By: advice   Last Post:

I came across this website and wanted to know what...Read More

By: advice   Last Post:

Started: Jun 30, 2024 3:22:49 PM
Frat Party Invites By: 2k   Last Post:

Truth is there is no one good house. If you...Read More

By: 2k   Last Post:

Started: Jun 22, 2024 8:31:01 AM
2024 Sororities By: aye   Last Post:

1. Aphi, Kappa, 2. ZTA, XO, DDD, AXO, DZ 3. DG,...Read More

By: aye   Last Post:

Started: Jun 22, 2024 8:37:06 AM
Thermal Board Insulation Product Data and Test Rec. By: L0cness munster   Last Post:

Caleb, We are still waiting on the 5th floor drywall and...Read More

By: L0cness munster   Last Post:

Started: Jun 26, 2024 9:14:12 AM
Sorority Rankings By: GreekGod   Last Post:

What are the best sorority houses at Purdue? like sorority...Read More

By: GreekGod   Last Post:

Started: Jun 19, 2024 6:17:00 PM
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