Thinking about rushing next year. I heard Sigma Alpha Tau is the top sorority, but is that right? I'm pretty sure they're the most "popular" sorority, but some say Theta is? Help!

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owls forsure is the top sorority, theta tries really hard to be like owls

By: s
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owls is def the top sorority and where most girls want to go but go where you want to go!!!

By: vvtg
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Owls is no longer the top sorority. As of fall rush 2017 the top sorority looked at by PNM's is Kappa Phi Omega.

By: otterbein srat girl
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If you're worried about joining the "top" sorority, you're not going to end up someplace you'll be happy. It's not about popularity or how other people view chapters, it's about finding a home

By: shhhhhhhhhh
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owls is consistently the top sorority on campus. owls excel at everything which leads them to have a target on their back and other chapters to hate on them.

By: ogod

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