What 2 srats did y’all pref?

by: Curious

Ok so I am curious which sororities get the same girls back for pref, if y’all feel comfortable, what 2 sororities did y’all pref? (You don’t need to say which one you pledged)

Posted By: Curious
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#1  by: 2   

APhi and Zeta, tbh it was a hard choice for me because I really liked both but I’m so glad where I ended up

By: 2
#2  by: Tough   

Zeta and aphi

By: Tough
#3  by: Yes   

Adpi and aphi

By: Yes
#4  by: Nickname   

Kd and pi phi

By: Nickname
#5  by: Dos   

Pi phi and Kappa

By: Dos
#6  by: hi   

Kd and phi mu

By: hi
#7  by: Hi   

AXO and ZTA!

By: Hi
#8  by: alum   

zta, phi mu

By: alum
#9  by: Hi   

Axo and phi mu

By: Hi
#10  by: Golden girl   

TriDelt and axo

By: Golden girl

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