by: Amanda

What sorority do you think shows the truest sisterhood?

Posted By: Amanda
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#1  by: Candice   

Definitely Phi Sig! I always see the sisters together and talking with one another, they also do more activities on campus than anyone else. They are a wonderful group of women and really value sisterhood.

By: Candice
#2  by: Sarah   

I think AST has the best sisterhood. When I see one, I see 25 more. They look like they really enjoy each others company as well when they are together. Most of the girls are extremely kind as well.

By: Sarah
#3  by: Beth   

Overall, I believe Phi Sig has the best sisterhood. They show up to sanctioned events together at least and appear to have fun with it. As small groups though in regular social settings though, I see more ASTs hanging out together.

By: Beth
#4  by: hhh   

TPA all the way

By: hhh
#5  by: DDD   

Theta Phi the most, I think.


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