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#1  by: Trincoll   

1. The Hall
2. Psi U
3. AD
4. Crow
5. Kappa Sigma
6. Pike
7. Sigma House
8. Cleo of AX

By: Trincoll
#2  by: DanceFloorMakeOuts   

1. Psi U
2. The Hall
3. AD
4. Kappa Sig
5. Crow
6. Pike

I don't care what anyone says, i'm a girl at Trinity and Psi U is clearly better than the Hall. Even though the Hall has a cooler building than Psi U, the guys are ass holes and they have a lot of girls. If they're a fraternity, why do they have girls!?

By: DanceFloorMakeOuts
#3  by: Wow - Post Fall Rush   

Looks like AD has saved themselves from almost being dropped out of the Big 3 and really pulled through the #ADrevolution. The Hall only had like 5 guys pref in total so just when it started to look like a two-horse race between them and Psi Goo they let AD back in the picture. Psi U stayed consistent with arguably just as good of a fall class as AD.

Even after all that, Jock Jams still wasn't that good though so we'll see if things change by the end of the semester:
1. Psi U
2. Hall
3. AD
4. Kappa Sig / Pike
6. Pike

Also, it's not really possible to rank the sororities, but in terms of their pledge classes:
1. Kappa
2. Ivy

By: Wow - Post Fall Rush
by: tcJan 17, 2015 11:30:06 AM

ehh ivy did better looks wise

By: tc
#4  by: LostOnVernon   


AD and the Hall at the top

Pike, Crow and Kappa Sig in that order down

Cleo is cool when they party but god knows what those kids are up to in general

By: LostOnVernon
#5  by: Trin Kid 2016   

1. Psi U
2. Kappa Sig
3. AD
4. Cleo
5. Pike
6. Crow
7. The Hall

By: Trin Kid 2016
#6  by: TrinVeritas   

1. Psi U (Most fun time)
2. Hall (It goes from #1 to #2 every few semesters)
2. AD (Overly pretentious and mostly pathetic)
3. Pike (Huge changes)
4. Crow (They aren't really concerned about their rep)
5. Cleo (Yikes)

By: TrinVeritas

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