How to pay for extra baggage on Lufthansa?

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Navigating Lufthansa's Extra Baggage Allowance: Hassle-Free Travel with Additional Luggage

When it comes to air travel, packing light is often recommended, but sometimes, it's simply not possible to fit everything into the standard baggage allowance. Whether you're traveling for an extended period, moving abroad, or carrying specialized equipment, you may find yourself in need of additional luggage space. That's where Lufthansa's extra baggage allowance comes in handy, providing a convenient solution for those who require more than the standard baggage allowance.

Understanding Lufthansa's Standard Baggage Allowance
Before delving into the extra baggage allowance, it's important to understand Lufthansa's standard baggage allowance. For Economy Class passengers, Lufthansa typically allows one piece of carry-on luggage and one checked bag, with weight and size restrictions varying based on the route and travel class.

For Business Class and First Class passengers, the standard allowance is generally more generous, with increased weight and piece allowances to accommodate the needs of premium travelers.

Extra Baggage Options with Lufthansa
Lufthansa offers several options for passengers who require additional baggage beyond the standard allowance. These options include:

1. Extra Piece Concept: This option allows you to purchase additional pieces of checked baggage, subject to weight and size restrictions. The number of additional pieces permitted and the associated fees will depend on your travel class and route.

2. Extra Weight Concept: If you have oversized or overweight items that exceed the standard weight allowance, Lufthansa's Extra Weight Concept enables you to purchase additional weight allowance for your checked baggage.

3. Special Baggage: For items that don't fit the standard baggage criteria, such as sports equipment, musical instruments, or oversized luggage, Lufthansa offers special baggage options with specific rates and handling procedures.

It's important to note that extra baggage fees and allowances can vary based on factors such as travel class, route, and fare type. Lufthansa recommends checking the specific baggage allowances and fees for your particular itinerary before making any purchases.

Advance Purchase and Online Check-in
To ensure a seamless travel experience and avoid any additional fees or delays at the airport, Lufthansa encourages passengers to purchase extra baggage allowance in advance. This can be done during the initial booking process or by managing your reservation online or through the Lufthansa app.

Additionally, Lufthansa recommends checking in online before arriving at the airport. This not only saves time at the check-in counter but also allows you to review and update your baggage details, ensuring that any extra baggage allowance purchases are properly reflected in your reservation.

Excess Baggage Fees at the Airport
While it's always best to purchase extra baggage allowance in advance, Lufthansa understands that circumstances may arise where passengers need to check additional bags or excess weight at the airport. In such cases, excess baggage fees will apply, and the rates may be higher than if the extra allowance had been purchased in advance.

To avoid any surprises or delays at the airport, it's advisable to familiarize yourself with Lufthansa's excess baggage policies and fees before your travel date.

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