transfer student/will receive a.a. this spring/18

by: Curious'19

Are fall transfer students typically welcomed and likely to receive a bid if they have things to offer a particular sorority?( SGA, Senior Class President, leadership in numerous clubs, community service awards, honor societies, volleyball, etc...) Based on last year's 2015 recruitment approx. what percentage of the girls who went through recruitment actually got a bid from at least one sorority? Finding a lifelong sisterhood is extremely important to me during my college years and beyond. I am not a legacy, but will have recommendation letters from my teachers, aunts, friends, and that were in/currently in most every one of your six sororities.
Curious how recruitment with transfer students works for transfer student w/an A.A.?
Thank you for any input or suggestions.:)

Posted By: Curious'19
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#1  by: YourEverydayAshley   

What matters most is your personality and how you clique with the girls. Your gpa will determine if you make it as well. Idk the percentages but most women found their home, and if you don't there are a few that do informal recruitment right after formal to help those who didn't find a place.

By: YourEverydayAshley
#2  by: most   

most girls who want to be greek end up rushing. be open minded. lots of ppl at ut aren't in a sorority and are totally okay with that

By: most
#3  by: def   

you def have a chance!!! you would need the let of rec - there will be no one to give them too

By: def

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