Smaller is better

by: Gem

As a recent grad and sister to a larger national sorority that is ranked high. I can just tell you, I wish I joined a smaller one like Pi Chi. I am always treated better by these girls than my own sisters. It’s too late now, but if YOU want to be part of something real, think smaller.

Posted By: Gem
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#1  by: Girl   

As a girl who is in a smaller sorority, it means a lot to hear this from you. Thank you for positively repping us, we don’t always get the better of the doubt. We just want to have fun, grow and bond with eachother! That’s all. Thank you!

By: Girl
#2  by: um   

can’t tell if the original post is genuine or if it’s pi chi trying to feel better about themselves by advertising on greek rank

By: um
by: Pi chiMay 13, 2020 11:39:34 AM

As a pi chi girl, we did not write this lol. We were surprised ourselves - but for a good reason. Lmao. Good try tho! Wasn’t us.

By: Pi chi
by: NoMay 17, 2020 8:28:23 AM

Believe me, pi chi isn’t the type to care about their ranking. They care about being real genuine people, even if they are considered “bottom tier.”

By: No

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