What makes a sorority top middle or bottom tier?

by: Sororities

Parties? Community service? People with nice personalities? Attractiveness?

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#1  by: honesty   

usually based on hotness and willingness to put out to frat guys

By: honesty
#2  by: Macattack    

As a guy in a fraternity the things that make a sorority good is like the above comment says their hotness and willingness to put out but that’s not everything it also helps if the sorority is fun to pty with for example when they just stand around in little groups of girls and don’t talk or do anything Even when the guys are haveing fun with the like 2-5 girls who are social it makes the party really boring
It’s also not so much fun when most of the sororities who even if there fun show up late so for the first 45 min there’s very few girls there and when they do arrive they leave early for jimmies so a 2h fun party turns into a 30 min- 1h ok party
Another thing that makes a sorority fun I think is drinking I’ve had patty’s we’re most of the girls don’t drink anything If half the sorority is not even getting drunk it’s not as much fun being surrounded by sober people compared to when everyone is getting drunk at the same time. I’m not saying you need to black out just don’t be the person who doesn’t even have a drink throughout the night at that point you better off just going to the bars so the people who wanna drink can have fun together

Sorry if I rambled hope some sororitiesthat do this stuff change there ways

And if there’s some thing for frats do that you all don’t like message their socials or there officers and I’m sure they will comply and the party will be more fun

By: Macattack

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