thoughts on kappa beta gamma

by: oney1234

I did not get the chance to rush this semester and was thinking about kbg, there most recent pledge class seems like a cool group of girls. curious to know what peoples thoughts on them are.

Posted By: oney1234
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#1  by: Anonymous    

I heard they were a fun group of girls and don’t have as bad of a recruitment process. Seem really chill since they are new. I think I’m going to rush next semster too!

By: Anonymous
#2  by: person   

not known for being a “hot” sorority but there’s some attractive girls, they are kind of small but still fun to party with. i’ve heard they’re all really nice

By: person
#3  by: 12345   

we have partied with them before and they are a lot of fun, they have the one hot group of girls, if they keep that up they can get up there because they got nice going for them so far

By: 12345
by: DumbMay 6, 2020 11:30:05 AM

Lol okay kbg girl

By: Dumb
by: hmMay 6, 2020 1:47:27 PM

kbg needs more attractive people but i have fun partying with them. they only have a couple hot girls

By: hm
by: funnyMay 18, 2020 6:25:19 PM

^^ yeah they need more attractive girls if they want to get better, but they have a couple of hot girls right now for sure

By: funny
#4  by: I want to rush   

They seem like they are fun. I went to one of their rush parties last semster and some of the girls are super nice and fun. They really tried to make me feel comfortable at the party. Some girls came on a bit strong but I got cut from a different soroity last semster so maybe I’ll try them again.

By: I want to rush
#5  by: 607   

from what ive heard, there process is not as bad as other sororities on campus. They seem cool but their insta needs some work to make them seem cooler. some girls ive talked too seem really nice and others were a bit intimating to talk to.

By: 607

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