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by: sdfghjk

Opinions on LePhi? possibly going to rush next year

Posted By: sdfghjk
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#1  by: oneonta123ABC    

if you’re looking to just party, lephi is good for that. they’re unrecognized, so they have a long and crazy pledge process, at least so I heard from friends. If you’re looking to join a sorority to put on your resume or to get more active on campus and in town, youre better off joining a rec sorority

By: oneonta123ABC
#2  by: bruh   

just do rec so you dont waste your time. ive heard really nasty things about lephi turning on girls that drop pledging. They commented rude ass things on a girls instagram either after she dropped pledging or was cut (dont remember which).

By: bruh
#3  by: lol   


By: lol
#4  by: 123456   

I dropped an unrec sorority last fall because i felt like I didnt belong at all and was really pressured to accept the bid and since it’s been a full year I kind of want to rush a rec sorority this fall. Would it look bad to the rec sororities? Also im pretty sure none of my friends want to rush because they have their own things going on so should I just go in completely by myself or just drop the idea of Greek life all together? im kind of shy and it’s hard for me to get to know people at first so that’s why I think I wouldn’t even get a bid from a new sorority

By: 123456
#5  by: Warning   

Be very careful with unrec sororities. There’s a reason why they aren’t affiliated with Oneonta’s campus. They mentally and physically haze...are those really people you want to call your sisters? I’m in a rec sorority. If you’re looking for more wild parties, id say rush phi sig/tri sig/akphi/sdt. If you want to become friends with sweet nice people I’d say rush thusa/pi chi/kbg

By: Warning

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