honest opinions on bx?

by: KC

What are people’s honest thoughts/opinions on Beta Chi?

Posted By: KC
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#1  by: sorority girl   

I love BX, they are a very fun group of guys and very friendly. hope we hang with them more next semester!

By: sorority girl
#2  by: duh   

actually just a bunch of geeds who couldn’t get into any other house - on a steep downfall

By: duh
#3  by: sorority   

We had a few things with them this past semester and i absolutely love them, i wish we booked with them for the spring semester :(

By: sorority
#4  by: Yikes    

From the stories I’ve heard, I don’t even know how bx is rec. They throw food at their pledges, make them sleep downtown, and will kick them to the ground during lineups.

By: Yikes
#5  by: Sam   

It’s pretty much all the kids who can’t get into other organizations because there weird and they then pretend they are cool just cuz they are in a frat full of other weirdos given there might be 2 or 3 normal kids but most of them are people u would not Want to hang out with

By: Sam
#6  by: BX   

As a member of BX I will tell you that we are a very close group of guys with different personalities. Definitely some of the realest guys I've met and don't regret joining at all. The person that's been commenting all over this website is not associated with our org so dont let that throw you off.

By: BX
#7  by: A friend   

BX is a small organization, recently became rec 2 years ago. They did have a history of bad ppl who messed up connects, however, from what I’ve seen, the brothers in it now, are better, friendlier, dare I say hotter, than the previous ppl and they also understand that growth is need it, and want to become big and expand. Usually sororities are quick to judge because of their past and previous alumni, but don’t let that discourage you from getting to meet the new faces, and the new brothers because they are the future. I would say rushing BX is not a bad idea, especially if you’re looking to be close to everyone and not just a certain group of ppl within the frat.

By: A friend
#8  by: uh   

BX has awesome parties but I’m annoyed because they refuse to book with my sorority. Such a shame. They think they’re too good for us now.

By: uh
#9  by: me   

honestly i kinda love BX, which is wild cause i used to think they were just eh. realistically, they don't have the most insane parties, but what makes partying w them fun is the guys. they're SO easy to talk to and become friends with and they're so judgment free to where me and my friends really feel like we can just let loose and have a good time at their parties. i see good things in their future tbh

By: me

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