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Honest opinions on AEPI?

Posted By: the kid
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#1  by: H   

I love aepi. Most of the guys are super chill and make great friends. Really fun to talk to and party with, not the “cool guy” stereotype. They’re the best fraternity imo

By: H
#2  by: yuh   

love love love aepi, hope to see them more on campus this upcoming year. rly chill guys and throw some rly great parties.

By: yuh
#3  by: Ty   

Don’t rush them both the people below are prob in the fraternity trying to get u to join cuz they suck at recruiting best thing to do is go to the meet the Greeks during the first week of school and get the numbers of the the fraternity or sorority’s rush chairs then visit the party’s and witchever one u like the most or if u really click with a group then you should join that 1

By: Ty
#4  by: me   

they're kinda small and i don't really know any of the guys that well, but i will say they had some sick lights and music at parties this past year which def made their parties better

By: me
#5  by: sororitygrl    

in complete honesty: they have cool lights at their parties and fire music, but i’ve had some weird interactions with some of the guys

By: sororitygrl

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