POLL: Which frat is more frat: Sig Pi or AEPi

by: Slick Rick

Posted By: Slick Rick
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#1  by: stop   

F off AEPi. Stop constantly talking about yourself. You are not relevant.

By: stop
#2  by: Slam fam   

Neither are. The difference is AEPi doesn’t try and Sig Pi does.

By: Slam fam
#3  by: Omg    

C; I’d answer with choice C which is neither.

By: Omg
by: factsJul 17, 2022 4:29:56 PM

Lol true

By: facts
#4  by: Slick    

The difference is aepi does their own thing and they don’t care

By: Slick
by: YMay 26, 2022 10:46:29 AM

Then what’s with all of the self ranking that aepi does? Seems like u guys care a lot.

By: Y
#5  by: 🤦🏿    

Not gonna do this drama. Neither is even remotely worthy. They are both bottom feeders & just not in the mix.
Trying to to be polite here but facts are facts. As they said in Animal House “Thanks for coming out & see you next semester”

By: 🤦🏿
#6  by: Ty   

Stop pinning frats against each other

By: Ty

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