Zetas are so hot

by: random

I love these women so much, everytime I walk by them I just want to get on my knees and beg for them to look in my direction. I would do literally anything to be in a Zeta girls life.

Posted By: random
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#1  by: Haha   

This is so sad and pathetic

By: Haha
#2  by: ok   

Unless you're a moron, this is an obvious attempt to get you to say something negative about Zeta.

Most likely started by the typical subjects.

By: ok
#3  by: Usjk   

Ughh zetas are fake tan which end up on your sheets. Phi Mu are much hotter and the real deal

By: Usjk
by: Tru muFeb 13, 2022 4:28:32 PM

Phi mu will make u bust in 20 seconds

By: Tru mu
#4  by: Chill   

Phi Mu messed with Zeta long ago and Zeta ended them being in the Top Tier over 5 years ago. All this Phi Mu whining on Greekrank means nothing. Zeta is above them (except grades).

Look at Phi Mu. They were on probation this year. Their grades are below average and their philanthropy is sad.
No sisterhood in that group either. They are a Greek cesspool.

By: Chill
#5  by: Jj   

Zeta always rushes number one. So there’s that

By: Jj

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