POLL: What is most typical rich sorority/frat car?

by: Rich girl cars?

Posted By: Rich girl cars?
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#1  by: lol   

Jeeps are poor poser cars.
I will take that Audi or Mercedes any day.
Even Bmw's have become lame, still better than a Jeep.

By: lol
by: HaFeb 2, 2022 1:24:09 PM

You obvs don’t go to Elon…Jeeps Rule

By: Ha
by: tbfFeb 2, 2022 1:55:06 PM

to be fair most elon students arent THAT rich, so they get jeeps to appear wealthy even though most students who go here are barely upper middle class

By: tbf
by: Dirty GurlyFeb 3, 2022 1:48:19 AM

I love getting my Rubi dirty inside and out

By: Dirty Gurly
by: lolFeb 3, 2022 11:50:36 AM

I know lots of us have Jeeps here. They are lame posers. And the Jeeps are not all cheap ones. They just are wannabe HS Hollister cars. Step up to Gucci and Mercedes. There are plenty more steps up from there.

By: lol
by: DirtyFeb 3, 2022 7:48:48 PM

Your Jeep smells worse than as$

By: Dirty
by: YAAASSSSFeb 5, 2022 5:52:55 AM


by: JakFeb 13, 2022 5:20:13 AM

No vibe like a Jeep vibe. Peeps jel cause daddy makes them drive the old bimmer

By: Jak
#2  by: Em   

I prefer a nice Rover and I’m from Florida where we get lotsa snow


By: Em
by: POSFeb 3, 2022 10:33:04 AM

RRs are junk

by: YepFeb 13, 2022 8:15:43 AM

Rovers belong in the UK

By: Yep
#3  by: Fratty   

I drive a Tesla. Get on my level. Musk'n it up with my Dogecoin.

By: Fratty
#4  by: Khloe   

Elon loves Jeeps. They are everywhere.

By: Khloe
#5  by: Yeah   

Jeeps are like GAP. Do better.
The other 3 German cars are all nice. It's your parents car most of the time anyway.

By: Yeah
#6  by: Lol   

There’s a reason Jeep rhymes with cheap…

< Bmw Benz and Audi

By: Lol
#7  by: GG   

U forgot Porsche and Lexus

By: GG
by: CarFeb 13, 2022 10:30:11 PM

Elon student driving Porsche = wealthy family

By: Car
#8  by: JeepGurl   

I love my Rubi naked and hot at the beach. Y’all jus jell

By: JeepGurl
#9  by: lol   

Some idiot came in here and blasted up the Mercedes and BMW numbers.
Sometimes you think the biggest trolls are the greekrank mods.

By: lol
#10  by: Rawr xd   

Benz bimer and Audi Volvo

By: Rawr xd

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