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by: curious

If I have a sorority I am very interested in, would it help to send an interest letter to the sorority's president and introduce myself?

Posted By: curious
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#1  by: hahahhahah   

hahahah are you serious? please dont. the president will forward that letter onto everybody, laugh at you, and then blackball you for being too desperate.

By: hahahhahah
by: harshNov 17, 2013 7:31:06 AM

Okay, that is a little harsh. No president on this campus would do that. Having said that, though, no, I would not recommend you e-mail them. Just be yourself and I'm sure you can find your sorority.

By: harsh
by: yeaNov 17, 2013 11:45:51 AM

yeah i wouldnt say blackballed, but it wont look good for you to be contacting the president trying to get in.... it does come off as desperate. i wouldnt recommend that move. just try to meet the girls!

By: yea
#2  by: um   

umm just so you know the president doesnt have any more say over the other girls on who gets in and the president isnt all that powerful...

By: um
#3  by: eleven   

What your suggesting is going to be perceived as weird and desperate. Instead of you sending an email, you may want to seek out an alumni of that organization to write you a recommendation letter instead. (And caveat: recommendations don't equal a bid, but may get you on the sororities radar).

By: eleven
#4  by: go out   

how can you be interested in a sorority and wanting to contact the president before even getting to know the girls? how do you know you'll like the sorority? go out a lot and meet girls in different sororities and see where you fit in.

By: go out

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